Dec 10 — 16

La Réunion

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International Drawing Festival

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The Festival

Tropical Drawing, the first Reunionese festival entirely dedicated to drawing, aims to support, promote and spread artistic creation. This federating event will host about fifty artists who will exchange with the public on questions related to Arts, Patrimony and Culture with exhibitions, sales, workshops, professional meetings, shows and contests…

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For its first edition Tropical Drawing organizes a big drawing contest with three great awards! A jury composed of people from the local cultural society and the public will award the three following categories:
— The Grand Prix Tropical Drawing
to the best professional artist.
— The Prix du Dessin
to the best amateur artist.
— The Prix Découverte
to the best young artist (aged between 15 and 23).

To apply, download the file below, you will find all the information about the prizes and the participating details in it.

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a multi-site festival

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The Locations

Tropical Drawing sets in either patrimonial, architectural, natural, or industrial sites as well as in more unusual places such as shops, schools, or streets so it implants itself in the heart of our everyday life…
The purpose of this multi-site festival is to touch a widened public on the topic of drawing and through the diversity of chosen sites, to democratize the access to culture.

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